End of Season

Today we close the station – it’s -40.0F (-40.0C), though the 7 kt wind brings it to-62.7F (-52.6C) with windchill. The station is prepared for winter and we’re down to only 86 people. The sun is getting lower from 22.5 degrees on the solstice to ~14 degrees above the horizon today, the shadows are getting long. The half-moon has been visible and bright (with the right half visible and the left in shadow) for those of you who don’t believe that the moon appears upside down/opposite down here…

In the 3.5 months of this summer season, with 189 Herc flights, Pole Cargo has moved over 1,000,000 pounds of cargo this season! From cylinders of compressed gas, to triwalls of heavy metal, vehicles, air sampling equipment, and construction material.

Scotty throwing a glass of warm water into the air at -40F/-40C

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  1. I have enjoyed following your blog, will you keep it going if you are in additional wild and wooly locales?

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