BLI-SEA-SFO-SYD-CHC! Over 20 hours of flying.
We’ll have a day for training and final prep in Christchurch, NZ and then it’s another 5-6hr flight to McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Things get a little confusing with flying over the international date line. On my way westward I will leave the US on the 11th and arrive in Australia on the 13th, even though it’s only a 14hr flight. On the way home it’s not unusual to arrive before you’ve departed…

Meanwhile, here are some spectacular photos from the Antarctic:

The tags issued for checked luggage. The airlines are given notice to send all lost bags with these tags to Christchurch, NZ.


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2 responses to “Deploying

  1. Have an uneventful flight and enjoy Christchurch! 🙂


    Good Grief,Marie, “Spectacular” doesn’t even do justice to these photos! And yet, there’s no other word that would, either. WOW—-thanks for sharing—–AWESOME.


    On Thu, 11 Oct 2012 04:46:01 +0000 AntarcticArctic

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