More Midwinter Greetings

…And some more Midwinter Greetings from all over this southernmost continent…
Sejong Station 2013 Midwinter

Vernadsky Station 2013 Midwinter

Zhongshan Station 2013 Midwinter

Arctowski Station 2013 Midwinter

Argentina Carlini Base 2013 Midwinter

Bird Island 2013 Midwinter

Chilean Antarctic Institute 2013 Midwinter

Coldest Journey 2013 Midwinter

Día de la Confraterinidad Antártica

Ferraz Station 2013 Midwinter

Stitched Panorama

Mawson 2013 Midwinter

Novolazarevskaya Station 2013 Midwinter

Ny-Ålesund Station 2013 Midwinter

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