The shutdown has ended, but like any storm the worst may be yet to come. The USAP is trying to salvage this season, but it’s already too late for some projects.

“Initial actions toward caretaker status were implemented in recent days. Planned deployments of scientific and support staff were either disrupted or cancelled, and in some cases personnel were removed from Antarctica. With funding in place under a continuing resolution, NSF is directing all efforts towards an orderly resumption of seasonal activities…Over the coming days, NSF will work with the USAP support organizations and researchers to recover planned research and operations activities to the extent possible. It must be understood that due to seasonally dependent windows and logistic limitations, certain research and operations activities may be deferred.”Oct. 18 USAP Press Release

Popular Mechanics also recently published an interesting article outlining some of the impacts of the shutdown on science in general across the board. (

Meanwhile, here at Pole, we have a Basler on deck! They are just flying through on their way to McMurdo. Pole is a place to rest, refuel, and to wait out the inclement weather in “Town.” And they brought fresh fruit! I forgot how amazing oranges smell…and how simply…ORANGE they are!OctBasler



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3 responses to “Post-Shutdown

  1. Clemens

    Hi from Italy!

    Wow, what a blog… I have always been interested in the Antarctic, and when I googled around a bit I found your entries… Congratulations to such an intensive story from such an intensive place. At times I felt as if I were there with you guys… You are a really talented writer, and I absorbed the South Pole atmosphere you so skillfully describe and bring to life for your readers…

    Thanks also for your remarks on the shutdown. I am myself an Austrian researcher (working for the European Commission), and I had some of my projects severly disrupted when my project partners at US EPA (North Carolina) were sent home… Thank god the insani-TEA is over (for now)…

    Thanks again and keep up the good work – and enjoy the last days on the ice!!! 🙂


    • Hi Clemens – Thanks for the note! I love writing about this place especially as it’s so foreign to most people. The sun is high now and the first batch of the summer crew should be arriving any day. Cheers!

  2. I really like your Basler photo!

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