“Cool” Links

Polar Research
NSF Office of Polar Programs or OPP – The main site for NSF activity in high latitudes both Northern and Southern.

Summitcamp.org – The main site for Summit Station in the heart of the Greenland ice sheet (72°35’46.4″N 38°25’19.1″W)

North Pole NSF Seasonal Observatory – 2000-2013 Automated with annual April expeditions

Toolik.alaska.edu – Toolik Field Station in Northern Alaska, staffed through UAF and PFS

Arctic.ac.uk – The British Antarctic Survey site supporting Ny-Ålesund Station on Svalbard

South Pole Station – The official NSF South Pole Station website

Antarctic Artists and Writers Program – Funded opportunities for artists and writers to experience and express “The Ice”

Antarctic Sun – The official NSF/USAP newsletter

WAISdivide.unh.edu – The latest and greatest ice core from West Antarctica!

NICL.usgs.gov – The National Ice Core Laboratory, if you’re in the Denver area check it out! They also have an archive of all the major ice cores world wide.

Natice.noaa.gov – U.S. National Ice Center monitoring global ice coverage.

Artemis2015.weebly.com – Part of the 2015 SIMPLE project from Georgia Tech ARTEMIS is a long-range underwater robotic operated vehicle (ROV). While they’re working on proof of concept and exploring under the Ross Ice Shelf this year they are learning about potential options for explorations to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. See more at: http://artemis2015.weebly.com/#sthash.G5Ma56fU.dpuf

Cool Polar Links in General…
Map of Antarctica – A newly updated high-res from the Polar Geospatial Center. Download it free and spread the love!

Southpolestation.com – Bill Spindler has one of the best sources for news/updates/archives/history on the United States South Pole Station.

Antarctic Memories Forum – A site full of stories, questions and answers, info on jobs, etc Worth checking out!

USA Today – Science, Life, and Travel at the Poles. Surprisingly interesting and comprehensive list of links and info.

Weather.noaa.gov/weather/current/NZSP – Current South Pole weather from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)

US Naval Observatory Solar Calculator – The Navy has a cool webased calculator where you can come up with sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, and twilight tables

Antarcticablog.blogspot.com – Posts cover a wide range of updates on current publications, discoveries, and policy changes affecting the Antarctic

Polar Web Cams:
North Pole

South Pole

Summit Station

Polar Blogs
Antarctic Blogs (other seasons and stations):
Weaknuclearforce.wordpress.com – IceCube winterover 2014

Antantarctic.wordpress.com – Anthony is one of the 2014 winterover crew for Halley Station (British Antarctic Survey)

Icewishes.wordpress.com – A friend of mine and fellow redhead/winterover/wastie/polie/7 sisters…Has worked at Palmer and McMurdo as well as wintering at Pole as the wastie in 2009 and 2010.

Dawninantarctica.blogspot.com – A group doing research in the Dry Valleys, lots of practical information and stories here

Southpolelibrarian.com – A blog from the South Pole during winter 2013

Blogs.esa.int/concordia – the European Space Agency blog from Concordia station

Planet Concordia – Alexander Kumar was the doctor at Concordia during winter 2012

davidpablocohn.com – Pablo was part of the IT department at the South Pole during my first summer on the ice. He has since worked on the Nathaniel B. Palmer and will likely return 🙂

South Pole Winter 2013:
www.antarctic-adventures.de – Robert Schwarz, Germany, is here with the Keck Array for his 8th (!) winter. Check out his awesome time lapse photography and aurora videos!

Polarwinter.com – Dana Hrubes is one of the 10m South Pole Telescope guys here for his 7th winter.

Antarctica.kuotiong.net – A sweet blog by the other IceCube tech, Blaise Kuotiong, Philippines.

Destinopolosur.blogspot.com – A blog (in Spanish) by one of the IceCube techs Felipe Pedreros, Chile.

More South Pole blogs from previous seasons can be found here (courtesy of Southpolestation.com)

Arctic Blogs:
Field Notes – A blog by Polar Field Services covering a variety of topics relating to the Arctic, climate change, and PFS.

Toolikblog.wordpress.com – A blog about Toolik and tundra research

Stations Around Antarctica:

United States Antarctic Program (USAP)
McMurdo – The largest of USAP’s three main stations. USA Today actually has some pretty good information about Mac Town here. NASA has a good site here too.

South Pole – The South Pole Station…Here’s a walk-through of the station on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdM9sYXmVrY.

Palmer – Here’s an unofficial webpage: www.palmerstation.com, and a webcam!

British Antarctic Survey
Rothera – Established in 1975 at 67° 34’ S, 68 ° 08’ W, Rothera Point, Adelaide Island

Halley Research Station – Established in 1956 at  75°35’S, 26°39’W

Bird Island – Established in 1957 at 54°00′S, 38°03′W

King Edward Point – Established in 1909 (!) at 54°17′S, 36°30′W, King Edward Point, Cumberland East Bay, South Georgia.

Signy Research Station – Established in 1947 at 60°43′ S, 45°36′ W, Factory Cove, Borge Bay.

Italian/French Station
Concordia – A relatively new station at Dome C

*This page will be updated as necessary, and as I find other cool links – please let me know if a link isn’t working or if you have suggestions for others!*

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