I just found this awesome post about Waste here at Pole from a friend who wintered last year. A look at waste from a “non-wastie”: http://southpolelibrarian.com/2012/07/29/south-pole-rubbish-department I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not the easiest system – certainly not as easy as just dumping everything in one bin and forgetting about it, but it’s not too hard and after a few weeks it becomes almost second nature. I gave a briefing to everyone here at the beginning of winter and am always available to help figure out where something goes. IMG_6515


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4 responses to “Waste

  1. peterg2000@aol.com

    Another great post Marie. Hope you’re getting by ok. At least the sun is heading towards sunrise.

  2. Bonnie

    Marie, I’m finally catching up with your posts again! They are SUPER! Love the pix, the details, your enthusiasm, the awesome 3oo CLUB. Thank you So Much for posting—–keep ’em coming! Much love, Bonnie

  3. Bonnie Foz

    Marie—-Your posts are so fascinating! Did I ever tell you that your Launching the Balloon shot is stunning? Or that I loved your encounter with those cute little Yukimarimoses? Or that after reading the post about the Winter Waste Guy, I am in AWE of what you do?! I think of you often. Much love and hugs, Bonnie

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